"The female form is my inspiration for all Fenzi swim designs. By following the curves and imagining what would accentuate the sexy features we women have, I create the designs."  


Born and raised in Italy, Ellen Filzi always had a love for sun,sea and tropical beaches. All summer long swimwear was the go-to outfit. She always looked up to Italian women, wearing their tiny bikinis with confidence. Her passion for swimwear grew and she began drawing and sewing her own pieces. The swimwear had to be cheeky because nobody likes big tanlines and showing off your body never hurt nobody. Right? She creates collections with the main goal of encouraging women to be proud of their bodies. Regardless of shape, size and appearance we can all feel sexy.




 "Fenzi swim tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All products, labels and packaging are plastic free. Our beautiful pieces are produced in Europe, allowing us to reduce the transportation and therefore CO2 emissions. We care for fair labor and product quality above all. Let's save the earth together little by little."

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