The green collaboration with Rigel

Fenzi swim attaches great importance to a fair and genuine product. Besides the fact that we think it’s important that all women feel sexy in our products, we also think it’s very important that we produce them as green as possible. Due to its sustainable character, Fenzi Swim not only makes women but also the world more beautiful, because a green planet is sexy! Everyone can say they produce sustainably, but we also care to show you. Openness is part of an honest company. That is why we would like to give you a textual tour of the factory where Fenzi Swimwear products are manufactured.

The establishment

The effects of a long-cherished dream began in 2019. Fenzi Swim existed in the head and partly on paper, but the product did not yet exist. During the start-up phase, it was decided what Fenzi Swim considers important, and some core values ​​were soon identified; sexy, durable and quality. Well, that's what every clothing brand wants, but how can you achieve this and still keep it affordable for the customers? Fenzi Swim got in contact with A-rola, a company that later resulted in a great collaboration. A-rola is a sewing atelier that shares our vision and introduced us to its partner in Bulgaria. There we met owner Anet and contact person Nadia. We expressed our ideas and identified our core values. It turned out to be a good match, they shared our enthusiasm and were able to make the product as we envisioned it. They did not only do this fabulously but also did a great job qualitatively.

The factory

Like so many things this year, a trip to Bulgaria was not an option. We did, however, receive a virtual tour to get an impression of the factory. The factory seems very open and a lot of daylight brightens the working areas.  It looks organized, there is modern equipment and there is even a guest room where guests can stay when visiting the factory. It gave us the impression that they treat their staff fairly and are proud to show everyone.

The work in the factory is structured and there is a pleasant atmosphere, people laugh at work. Anet shows us the process, we see that everyone has their own task and performs it with precision, quality above all and waste is out of the question. The factory is clean, as is the canteen, bar and terrace. This gives the employees excellent facilities to relax after work. In summary, for the people who work there, it is a pleasant and safe working environment.

The employees

It is not a small factory, it employs about 60 people, who work and are paid ethically. We find this very important ourselves, sustainability should not be achieved at the expense of others. And let’s not forget that Rigel has a powerful team of almost all women. These women have a tidy workplace here and are rewarded with value.

The transport

When the products of Fenzi Swim are ready, they must of course be sent to the Netherlands. Here, Rigel deliberately choses to send multiple orders together by trucks. It takes a little longer until we can fill our warehouse again, but it makes a significant difference in CO2 emissions. Our staff also regularly transports boxes with products by train, what do you think about that?

We started this wonderful collaboration in 2020. The contact remains good and the people in the factory are always enthusiastic about new ideas. Together we think about the possibilities to continue to innovate in the field of sustainability, so you will hear more about that in the future.


Stay sexy,

Fenzi Swim

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