Behind the scenes of our Fit collection

atelier fenzi swim
The foundation of our brand is built on honesty and transparency. We would like to take you “behind the scenes” to get to know our brand better, and share with you how our active wear collection is made. With our Fenzi swim collection we were looking to produce all our swimwear pieces sustainably.
In the making of our products we take care to select the right fabrics to ensure a comfortable fit, while also considering production costs. Our goal is to keep our products affordable, while also ensuring their quality. In order to achieve this goal we decided to produce our very first collection in Europe, in a sewing factory where professional tailors work under fair labor conditions.
With our new active wear collection we have taken it even closer to home. All of the pieces of the collection are produced at a professional atelier in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This allows us to oversee the production process from start to finish, and to shorten transportation time.

About A-rola 

When I first met Ali Ozturk, the owner of the atelier, my brand was just in it’s starting phase. Ali was immediately enthusiastic about my ideas for the collection, and was determined to help me realise them. 
We have been working together for almost a year now, and I have become close with many of the atelier’s employees.
The Atelier was founded in 2005. Starting out as a family business, it counts 5 employees, both women and men. The atelier is spacious and light, and includes a big sewing table, 10 sewing machines, bathroom facilities, a litte kitchen and an office. 
 Although I travel long distance to visit the atelier, it’s always a trip I am excited to make. Ali is a very positive person. He is welcoming to everyone and always smiling. Ali’s wife and son also work in the Atelier, and manage the business when Ali has to travel abroad for work.
The sampling phase is the most important part in the process of developing a collection, and always takes up a lot of time. Sometimes we have to make three to four samples in order to perfect the product. This requires a lot of patience and can be very intensive. I am very grateful to have such hard-working and skilled partners, and I am happy to say that we make a really great team.
Ali Ozturk and all the employees at the atelier are what made Fenzi swim possible.
atelier fenzi swim

As a brand that tries to be as environmentally friendly as possible producing in the Netherlands is a big step. This means we will be able to reduce the transportation even more, when doing so we also reduce in CO2 emissions.
All products, labels and packaging are plastic free.  We ship our products in small cardboard boxes to reduce plastic waste. By taking all these measurements we are able to create really high quality products for our costumer. 
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